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In the area around Canavese, the pure nature, the hills, the mountains and the lakes offer you a unique scenery for sport lovers such as climbing, trekking, hiking, walking, mountain biking and horse riding.

These outdoor activities include winter activities like: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and snowshoe tours; and summer activities like: windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, golf and parachuting.

All these sports can be performed at different levels with many different options, for the beginners, sport lovers and elite levels (skillful and experienced).

In the area of Ivrea there are several professional societies and trained operators from different sporting federations. Recently, it has been developed a new specialized area of  tour operator for outdoor holidays that guarantees you quality and security.

All these important references enable you to organize in this area national and international sport challenges, considering for instance the stadium of Ivrea for canoeing (Stadio della Canoa di Ivrea), located in town.

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