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It has been 100 years that the history of Ivrea and Olivetti are deeply connected.

Generally speaking the countryside of Canavese (the northern part of Turin) represented the main setting where the history of Olivetti took place.
For this reason, it is necessary to start from Ivrea to know Adriano Olivetti and to know the experience of Olivetti, an innovative centre of culture and for the promotion of this amazing land.
Adriano Olivetti represented a smart entrepreneur (business man) who imagined and designed a business company that was open to a new concept of beauty and culture.
If you are interested in discovering the life of Adriano Olivetti, you can read his biography, the only  that has been authorized by his family and recently renewed by the ''community edition''.

It is interesting also to know the history about the company, starting from Camillo Olivetti, the founder, or knowing about less important people like Natale Cappellaro or Giorgio Perotto, the author of the program 101.
But one thing that you can do to know the real history of Olivetti is to walk around the city, watch its buildings, that identify the town as  ''Ivrea industrial city of 20th century'', by discovering the different social and cultural seats, like asylum, infirmary, social services, researches centre and cellars.

CANAVESE TOURISM, the group of tourism operators of the Canavese Indutrial Associaton (Confindustria Canavese), decided to support this knowledge and know out, by providing ''four moments'' organized, planned and guided in order to follow the history of Olivetti and discover the charm of the town, focusing on:
  • laboratory-museum tecnologic@mente of Ivrea
  • visits through the Olivetti architecture of Ivrea like MAAM, the open air museum of the modern architecture of Ivrea.
  • San Bernardino's church, a hidden treasure to be discovered
  • Olivetti's anniversary, the industrial project of Olivetti, that is now available in the Historical catalogue of Ivrea.

For further information or curiosity, or to receive special offers, you can contact us:
CANAVESE TOURISM- Canavese Industrial Association Tourism Group
telephone +39 0125424748 fax: +39 0125424389

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