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The finest Piedmontese cuisine finds a natural location in Canavese offering a unique food experience. The cuisine from Canavese finds its roots in the traditional farmer history of its lands where farming was the main activity of the population.  The typical products of this land are the result of an amazing countryside including: hills, plains and mountains. In the plain you can find plantations corn, beans, cabbages numerous vegetables and the farm animals, including chicken and rabbits. Towards the mountains, the nature has always offered walnuts, nut, chestnuts, mushrooms and berries. The hills are rich in vineyards and grassland with many wild herbs. The traditional cuisine of Ivrea is as simple as its ingredients providing the right balance between renewal and traditions.
Some examples:

  • Anchovies Soup
  • Cabbage Soup
  • Trofeja
  • Stuffed onions
  • Trout with vinegar
  • Potato salami
  • Capunet
  • Suet gris
  • Polenta and Codfish (Cornmeal mush)
  • Buseca (with beans, onions and Tomatoes)
  • Frità ragnusa
  • Zabaglione
  • Torcetti, paste di meliga and canestrelli (home made cookies)

Furthermore, the Canavese is a renowned land for D.O.C wines that are produced through numerous  terraces designed over the hills and slope through the years. The wines produced by the excellent wineries in the area can be summarized as follows:
  • Erbaluce vineyards cultivated in 36 different areas that offer 3 different kinds of wines:
    Erbaluce DOC white dry wine, Spumante and Passito
  • Nebbiolo vineyards cultivated in the village of Carema where it is produced Carema DOC
  • Barbera and Nebbiolo vineyards produced by Canavese DOC, including red Canavese, Barbera Canavese and Nebbiolo Canavese
  • Neretto vineyards cultivated in the city of San Giorgio.

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