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In Canavese, the rich history of its inhabitants, had left relevant signs, tracks and buildings that deserve to be admired.
During the Roman age, the ancient Eporedia was known as an ‘’Iron Horse’’ station and left an interesting amphitheater and several other artifacts and evidences.

But, it is mainly the ‘’Circuito di Castelli’’ (a huge area of castles) that characterizes the landscape and countryside of Ivrea; these ancient manor houses represent a touristic itinerary with an ancient taste that must be discovered. Today, these manors are used as museums, accommodations, public offices or private houses. The most acknowledged castles are Masino Castle, Ivrea Castle, and the Duke’s Castle at Agliè; the latest is part of the Royal Residences of Piedmont (considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site), similar to Venaria Royal Palace, located in the same region.

In recent times as well, the Canavese area played a leading role, thanks to the developments in production and technology of many companies and especially thanks to the Olivetti Company, that had its headquarters in the center of Ivrea.
This company (Olivetti) represented a model, which probably remains still unreached, of innovation, design and assistance to the arts and to the community’s development.
This extraordinary synergy between industry and culture, can be rediscovered in Ivrea by visiting the masterpieces of the modern and rational architecture.
This is why the town of Ivrea has been identified as “the industrial city of 20th century” (now it is included in the official Unesco Tentative List).

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